Ref Scheduler Purchasing

Create Account for Ref Scheduler Web Version

  1. Request a Trial Ref Scheduler Database here.
  2. You will receive a Chapter Code in your email address for the Trial Ref Scheduler Database.
  3. If after using the Trial Database, you decide to proceed and make the Database Permanent:
  4. Enter your Email Address and the Chapter Code of the Ref Scheduler Database to make Permanent.
  5. Click the 'Create Account' Button below to convert the Trial Database to a Permanent Database.
(Permanent Ref Scheduler Web Database is (Free))

Email Address:
Chapter Code:

(note: Databases completely inactive for six months or more may be removed because of inactivity.
To preserve data: Download database at end of season.
Account can easily be recreated, and then data uploaded.)

Thanks for using Ref Scheduler.