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Version 6.54 release:
  1. Altered Deleted Ref to set Notified='N',Confirmed='N',ReminderSent='N' for Refs Previous Assignments.
  2. Altered check for unique Subject Item titles.
  3. Altered check for Available Refs.
  4. Altered Games to allow undefined Teams.
Version 6.53 release:
  1. Altered Import of Games - HomeTeam and Visitors Title recognition.
  2. Altered Import when columns are not Identified (allow attempted Identification).
  3. Altered AllList Assignments Load.
Version 6.52 release:
  1. Added Database table RS_DistTime, updated db version to 20.
  2. Added Tooltip Dist&Time to Refs on formGameAddEdit Form, altered Dist&Time.
Version 6.51 release:
  1. Altered Assignment 'Distance and Time' to Update with GameSite or HomeTeamSite Organization's Address change.
  2. Altered QuickAdd MenuItem availability
Version 6.5 rerelease:
  1. Altered Assignment 'Distance and Time' to Update with Ref's Address change.
Version 6.5 release:
  1. Added Google Ref-GameSite Distance and Time.
Version 6.4 release:
  1. Corrected Element Table selection menu.
  2. Corrected 'UnAvailable Ref message'.
Version 6.3 release:
  1. Added Leagues as a Subject Type.
  2. Added Grid Colors option.
  3. Altered Team Type to League.
Version 6.1 release:
  1. Added Blocks & Preferences Option: 'Blocked', 'Preferred', 'Not Preferred' Ref selections for: Other Refs, Organizations, Teams, and/or Sites.
  2. Added Block Option for Organizations to Block Refs.
Version 5.7 release:
  1. Altered 'Quick Add form' to display 'AllList' tab on 'Quick Add form' tab select.
Version 5.6 release:
  1. Added Quick Add form.
  2. Added 'number of elements' to AllList tab.
  3. Added Select by Class to Refs in GameAddEdit, AssAddEdit
  4. Altered GameAddEdit form.
Version 5.5 rerelease:
  1. Added 'Export Assignments Paid Report' to Set Assignments form.
  2. Added All List Assignment Function 'Change Displayed Assignments to Paid'.
  3. Added All List Assignment Function 'Change Displayed Assignments to Not Paid'.
  4. Added All List Date Selection for Assignments and Games: 'On or Before'.
  5. Altered Assignment Function 'Show Assignments Not Paid' to display amount.
  6. Corrected Create Teams form Player Create.
Version 5.4 rerelease:
  1. Corrected Allowing 'Saving Games without Refs'.
Version 5.4 release:
  1. Added 'Default Game Length' to DBPreferences
  2. Added 'Available Refs Only' to DBPreferences
  3. Altered Available Ref Check
Version 5.3 release:
  1. Added Players
  2. Added Refs AltEmail, and BirthDate, Age
  3. Altered Calendar
  4. Altered 'Available Refs Only'
  5. Altered Username check
Version 5.1 release:
  1. Added Assigner 'Email To' Address in DB Prefs.
  2. Added 'Turn Off All Automatic Emails for All Chapters' to Program Prefs.
  3. Added Import All Chapters option.
  4. Added option to Program Prefs for 'Email Sent From': 'Save in Database Chapter Preferences Also'- for upload to internet option.
  5. Added RefSchedBaseballDemo.mdb as demo database to install.
  6. Added Non-Clustered Indexes to tables when new Sql Server DB created.
  7. Added Show/Hide chkboxes in DB Prefs.
  8. Removed '' requirement for 'gmail servers' in 'Email From' both here and web.
  9. Altered Import of 'Email Sent From' info.
  10. Altered Help.
Version 5.00 rerelease:
  1. Added NickName to Team Name, Added also to TeamCreate form.
  2. Updated Database.
  3. Altered Interface Menus.
  4. Corrected Imports.
Version 4.97 rerelease:
  1. Corrected Site Address launch of Google Maps for Windows 10.
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